Through years of experience, we have fine-tuned an effective strategy to guide you through the exhibit process from start to finish. We recognize that early on you’ll have more questions than answers. As the project gets underway it’s likely that you’ll be working with fixed funding and striving to stay within a budget. To reflect these realities, we offer services tailored to each stage of exhibit development.


  • Strategic Planning to explore your institutional mission, vision, and current visitor experience. We use a workshop-style format designed to foster collaboration and build consensus among staff, boards, and stakeholders.
  • Master Planning for museum exhibit environments and facilities. The best exhibit environments require more than just square footage—they must be thoughtfully integrated into every part of a building’s design.
  • Interpretive Planning to identify overall themes and activities. Those activities can then be developed into effective exhibits that are understandable and resonate with visitors.


  • Schematic Design to develop the interpretive planning into individual exhibit concepts and establish their relationships within the overall installation—including indoors, outdoors, and online.
  • Capital Campaign Support to create marketing materials for your capital team. We can provide your team with a wide range of fundraising materials—from conceptual renderings, videos, and multimedia to brochures and even entire presentations.
  • Project Costing to develop exhibit budgets based on the schematic design package. As an integrated design/build firm, we can provide you with more accurate exhibit costs earlier in the design process. 
  • Educational Program Consulting for in-house and outreach initiatives. We provide development assistance for program planning and implementation, staff development, material content, classroom coordination, and evaluation tools.
  • Exhibit Architecture to address the shaping and optimizing of building spaces. We provide interior design, layout, and power/lighting coordination for all our exhibit projects, whether or not you have a building architect.


  • Content Development for exhibit activities. We provide in-house copy writing assistance, graphic design, video development, animation, multimedia, and software programming. Whatever the exhibit requires, we can make it happen.
  • Detailed Exhibit Design to get the exhibits ready for production. This includes evaluating visitor interfaces and engineering issues to ensure that the finished exhibits will perform successfully.


  • Fabrication of exhibit cabinets and components. Each exhibit is built by our experienced team of craftsmen skilled in the special requirements of hands-on exhibits. This is also when we integrate graphics and media content with the exhibit hardware.
  • Installation and Commissioning of the finished exhibits. We train your personnel in using and maintaining the exhibits to provide a stress free experience for both visitors and staff.


  • Evaluation of your exhibits after installation. Evaluations are typically based on tailored surveys and interviews with staff and visitors and include both short and long term recommendations.
  • Post-Occupancy Support to address warranty work, trouble-shooting, and advice on operating your new exhibits. Many of our clients retain us on a long-term basis to provide regular maintenance and training for routine service operations.