Just as there are no stupid questions, sometimes there isn't just one answer! We tailor our process to each project, adjusting to your individual needs and expectations. Here are some questions you may be asking:

Why did we start InterActive Group?
We believe that better education is fundamental to the modern museum experience. Our goal is a user-driven focus on interactive learning that’s constantly improving. We looked at the way museums traditionally approached interactive exhibits, and we knew we could do better. We believe sensory-based learning is for everyone, and we set out to find clients who believed the same.

How do we approach our work?
Our work centers on using our philosophy of Active Learning to tap into visitor curiosity. Successful interactive environments create opportunities for visitors to learn in informal, friendly, and enjoyable ways. We are partners with our clients. Together we combine multiple perspectives, educational strategies, and creative design to dramatically improve visitor learning.

What kind of clients do we work with?
Our clients all have one thing in common—their Number One Priority is engaging visitors. We work with science museums, nature centers, zoos, art museums, children’s museums, historical societies and interpretive sites—any organization which values connecting with the public. We also work with retail and commercial clients, using our skills to turn happy visitors into loyal customers.

How are we different from other designers?
We work hard to ask the right questions, and spend a lot of time listening to our clients and their audiences. Our specialty is blending our combined knowledge in education, architecture, and design to create unique, dynamic environments for our clients.

Unlike museum consultants, we have years of actual experience in producing hands-on exhibits—from initial planning to final installation—and every step in-between. Unlike architecture firms, we look at the broader educational and institutional goals for serving your visitors. And unlike fabrication firms, we bring creativity and innovation to the process of making exhibits.

How are clients involved in the process?
Our clients see everything. From the first questions, rough sketches, and awkward doodles to the half-baked ideas leading finally to finished exhibits. Our process is inclusive, and our clients are involved in every step along the way.

How do we manage projects?
Effective management begins on day one. We recognize that early in the process, clients have more questions than answers. Our project management grows out of our collaborative approach—we act as your guide through each step of the project, advising you of options, providing team leadership, and balancing your resources to yield a successful outcome.