SEE-North, a nationally recognized nature and science education organization, needed an engaging, hands-on learning facility to challenge visitors to become more involved in the area’s spectacular, but often fragile, natural environment. The result is the SEE-North Learning Center, featuring a series of innovative learning exhibits by the InterActive Group that engage curious visitors of all ages. 

These highly interactive exhibits are designed to demonstrate how scientific inquiry can be used as a powerful tool to better understand and appreciate nature’s wonders. The center’s strong educational context enhances SEE-North’s leadership position as a state-chartered math and science center for area schools. 

The story of how scientists interpret nature comes alive as visitors:

  • Learn the origin of Petoskey Stones and their distinctive six-sided appearance.
  • "Dig" through the geological history that shaped Michigan's landscape.
  • Investigate the natural habitats in their own backyards.
  • Become a "birder" to explore how scientists peer into nature's microscopic worlds.
  • Apply scientific inquiry through hands-on activities that teach about natural habitats. 
  • Get the inside story on the secret lives of creatures all around us.