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The Orton Geological Museum on the Ohio State University campus has educated and delighted visitors for more than 120 years. InterActive Group is developing a re - imagined visitor experience that will feature the science learning and specimen collections that have made the Orton one of the leading university museums nationally, but introduce visitors to new ways of understanding our dynamic planet.

To broaden the concept of what an embedded museum can offer, the design will feature hands - on learning opportunities throughout the building alongside classrooms and faculty offices.

In the revamped museum visitors will:

  • Meet up close a life - size skeleton replica of a meat - eating Cryolophosaurus and learn about its discovery by OSU scientists.

  • Explore Ohio’s visible geological history and the enormous animals that once roamed the area.

  • Get an appreciation of plate tectonics and the nature of our planet.

  • Learn how modern civilization is made possible by what we take out of the earth.

  • Travel back in time more than four billion years to the beginnings of our planet as they descend the building’s grand staircase.

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