As the developer of an innovative product, the Nolan Hoof Plate, to treat the debilitating equine hoof condition of laminitis, Nolan Hoof Health knew it needed equally innovative ways to reach potential customers. Nolan turned to InterActive Group to design a groundbreaking trade show experience that goes beyond the expected.

Bringing a museum-quality experience to a trade show setting, the Nolan Hoof Health customer learning zone combines in a lightweight and compact one hundred square foot booth:

  • an eye-catching graphic introduction and welcome area
  • an intro to the problems of equine hoof disease
  • a compact theater with immersive presentation of hoof health problems and how the company can help
  • an interactive learning station with video demonstrations keyed to visitors physically handling the product as they follow how it's used - a direct, hands-on way to communicate its advantages
  • two information and sales stations where visitors can learn more and order online

The booth is used in a variety of trade show settings and can be easily reconfigured for different venues.