In 1888 Edward Libbey moved his New England Glass Company to Toledo, Ohio, helping to make it the “Glass Center of the World”. The landmark historic Libbey House will house a museum to tell the story of the Toledo Glass Industry.

The first floor will be returned to its Victorian-era elegance. It will serve as the welcome experience where a brief video-based introduction will acquaint visitors with the house and invite them to explore the interpretive galleries on the upper floors.

As visitors reach the second floor, they are immersed in the introduction and overview of the main themes of the Glass City Story. Visitors will enjoy an overview of the growth of the glass industry. Dynamic hands-on exhibits will teach about the heritage and innovations that drove the glass industrial revolution and the companies and thousands of people who made it happen.

On the top floor of the house, visitors will be able to explore, through interactive exhibits, the making of glass and its countless uses.

Interpretive themes and exhibits will include:

  •  Milestones in Toledo’s Glass Industry
  •  A Historical Perspective on the Libbey Family & the House
  •  Recognizing Glass Industry Workers
  •  Libbey House Glass Theater - Video & Multimedia programming on the making of glass and industry innovations
  •  Toledo’s Glass Industry - Modern glass production and the science of developing new types of glass
  •  Glass: How It Touches Our Lives - The amazing range of products made from this ubiquitous material
  •  What’s On the Horizon - Glass research and technology