Hands-on exhibits by the Interactive Group delight young visitors while teaching our relationship to the Great Lakes.

With innovative exhibits appealing to children ages two to ten, the museum is highly popular with family groups and school tours. The learning-based exhibits are designed to invite participation by visitors with disabilities. 

In this educational and fun setting, children can:

  • Pilot a Great Lakes freighter and start the diesel engine. 
  • Track weather conditions with live weather data.
  • Climb a lighthouse and operate the beacon.
  • Make waves and rain, shoot the rapids and pilot a boat through the locks at the water table.
  • Become a water droplet and climb, crawl and slide through nature's water cycle.
  • Simulate lightning and thunder and make real clouds.
  • Raise the sail on a Great Lakes sloop.
  • Navigate from the Great Lakes through the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Atlantic Ocean.